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Floor Plan Layout

Bus-Conversion-LayoutHere’s the floor plan layout we’re working with so far.  Of course this is subject to change as the project proceeds, but here’s what we’ve got so far.

This layout is 7’5″ wide by 30′ long, which is the available space from the back of the drivers seat & entrance to the back of the bus.

Starting at the back of the bus the two twin size beds will be constructed like Murphy beds and be able to fold up against the outside walls.  When deployed they’ll come together to make a king size bed.  This was important to us because we’re sort of big folks and we like our space when sleeping.  We could work with a queen size bed, and if we needed the space bad enough we would go that route, but I think being as we have no children we can afford the space.

When folded up the two twin beds will also allow access to the back door as well as storage which will be built into the support system of the bed.

Moving forward the bathroom/shower is right behind and over top the rear wheel wells (wheel wells in yellow).  The composting toilet will be closed off by twin 24″ wide doors, which when opened will close of the bathroom space from the front and back of the bus for privacy.  The shower will be all tile and since I’m 6’5″ tall I wanted to make sure I could take a comfortable shower, so we’ll be building in a seat which will take advantage of the wheel well location.

On the toilet side of the bus the sink will sit on a platform over top the wheel well.  We will also have some sort of storage behind the sink going up the wall.  Maybe hang baskets or some type of cabinet.

Danby Portable WasherIn front of the bathroom will be the his and hers closets followed by the refrigerator on the passenger side and the washer/dryer on the driver side.   In front of the stacked washer/dryer will be the farm house sink we got off craigslist.  Next will be a short counter top and then the convertible couch which turns into a full size guest bed and also has storage underneath.

Going down the passenger side from the refrigerator forward will be a desk area, a two person dinette with folding table top which will double in width so two additional guests can sit at the table when needed.  Lastly is the “co-pilot” area where we will mount a donor seat from an SUV at the junkyard.

Like I said before, this is all subject to change.  One of the things we’re not 100% sure on is the location of the dryer.  It may not get stacked on top of the washer but instead may end up under my desk.  We’re just not sure.  We also don’t know where we want to put the TV in the “living room” area.

More to come soon!

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