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’twas the night before purchase

So tomorrow is the big day.  If everything goes to plan we’re purchasing the school bus we’re going to convert into our motor home.  James Mitchell from Rolling Auto Tech is meeting me in the morning to do a pre-purchase inspection and if everything is acceptable we’re going to make an offer and hopefully buy the bus.

tc2000It’s a 2001 Blue Bird TC2000 with a 5.9L Cummins engine and Allison transmission.  The owner is asking $3000, and while I don’t yet know the mileage my research suggest this is a good deal.  I’m having trouble finding anything else at a lower price.  I stopped by and took a look at it two weeks ago and got the VIN so I could find out more about the bus.  It appears to be in good shape, but we’ll know more about that in the morning (photos to come).

The Back Story

My name is Adam Lee.  I’m 36 years old and married to my high school sweetheart Alison.  We have three small dogs (Katie, Mily and Baxter) and no children.  We’ve been renting my grandparents old house, and they’re ready to sell.  My grandfather would be happy to sell the house to us, but we’re currently in no position to buy and we’ve decided its way too much house for us.  The master bedroom is over 200 sqft (roughly the size of the living space in our new bus) and it has a finished basement we almost never use.  The sun room is great, as well as the open concept living room & kitchen area but the yard is tough to keep up with and we’re too busy to keep up with it.

I met my wife on a school bus so somehow it seems fitting that we’re going to live in one.  We’ve been fans of the Tiny House “movement” since we discovered Tiny House Nation on DIY.  The whole concept just spoke to us.  We love how efficient everything has to be when you’re in such a small space.  I love the beds that convert into desks and couches with hidden storage underneath.  So when I noticed the bus sitting out in front of the bus company down the street and pitched the idea to Alison she was all-in.  We’ve been selling everything that isn’t bolted down for the last three weeks.  If it doesn’t fit in our new lifestyle it has to go.

We’ve sold off over $3000 worth of our belongings and still have quite a bit to go, but at least we’ve got enough to buy the bus.

 More coming shortly!

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  1. My wife ant just bought a 2002 Tomas with a comming and Alison auto trans .we plan on starting out conversation soon as well .looking foward to your post

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