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Slow going

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Not much has gotten done in the last two weeks.  Not living where the bus is prevents us from getting as much done as we’d like to.  We have to schedule time to drive across town and work on the bus instead of doing a little each night.  We have a plan in place and hopefully that will change soon.

We also had to take a break so we could hold a garage sale and get rid of all the stuff we know won’t fit into our new lifestyle.  The bad news is that means the bus sat with nothing being done to it for over a week.  The good news that, to date we’ve sold around $6,000 worth of our belongings since we decided to take the leap.  Nothing like selling off your old life to finance your new life.

So up until this weekend the bus was still about 80-85% painted.  We knew when we decided to start this project we’d probably be doing most of the work on our own, but when we came out of the Skoolie closet we had so many well wishes and supporters that we thought we might actually get some help along the way.  Up to this point help has been hard to come by.  I would like to thank my dad for hooking his trailer up and bringing it by so that we could haul the old insulation, floor and sub-floor to the dump.

This past weekend though I was able to recruit my cousins wife and my mother-in-law to help us attempt to wrap up the painting.  The whole 80/20 rule that everyone talks about (20% of the work takes you 80% of the time) is SO true in painting this bus.  The detail work and touch-ups seem like they’re never going to end.  I’d say we’re probably 90-95% done with exterior paint now.

While me and the recruits were outside painting Alison was inside cutting foam board to fit between the sub-floor supports and foil taping all the seams.  Next time we go out there we should be able to wrap up the sub-floor installation.

On a side note; my uncle shared some photos of a bench he made out of a couple of our old seats.

My uncle’s creation from a couple of our old seats. #BusConversion #PrioritiesBus #priorities #Skoolie

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