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It’s been so long

It’s been so long since I posted here I’m almost ashamed to be here now.  More shameful is the speed at which we’ve been progressing.  A lot has happened to keep us from making progress on the bus, but nothing more so than my lack of motivation.  Some skoolie converters make hard and fast progress because they have to.  I’m coming from a place of comfort so that has a way of lulling me into being lazy.

We have accomplished a lot, but nowhere near as much as we could (and likely should) have.  We got side tracked with helping the family remodel my grandmother’s old house (the one we were going to live in during our conversion).  We spent 6 weeks cleaning out and fixing up their house.  I learned a lot and some of what I learned has come in handy with the bus project.  The work we did on the house increased its value by ~$30K, and provided us with a bump to our conversion budget.

As far as the bus goes, we actually did get quite a bit done since the last post.  As it sits now; the flooring is all in, the walls are all framed, the fridge is bolted in, the windows have been tinted (by a professional), the rooftop AC/heat pump unit has been installed (by a pro), the shore power connection has been installed (by a pro) and the 120vac wiring is nearly complete.  I’ve also built a convertible sofa and two convertible “Murphy” style beds with loads of storage underneath.  I never knew I was so craft!!

As spring nears we’ll surely be checking more items off our list.  Progress has been slow, but we’re still loving our bus and any progress is good I suppose.  It really has been much less of an adjustment than I ever expected it to be.  I suppose that’s because we humans are resilient and can adapt to whatever environment we find ourselves.

The projects on my immediate checklist include installation of my new power distribution center and finishing the bead board wall “skin” installation.  Keep an eye on our instagram (@PrioritiesBus) for more timely updates.

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  1. Valerie says:

    Even though you think yourself lazy, I’m betting that regardless of whether you are making physical progress at any given moment, your mind is hard at work conceptually. Cut yourself some slack, your bus looks fabulous!

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