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Adam & AlisonMy name is Adam Lee.  I’m 36 years old and married to my high school sweetheart Alison.  We have three small dogs (Katie, Mily and Baxter) and no children. I met my wife Alison on a school bus so somehow it seems fitting that we’re going to live in one.

We’ve been fans of the tiny house “movement” since we discovered Tiny House Nation on DIY.  The whole concept just spoke to us.  We love how efficient everything has to be when you’re in such a small space.  I love the beds that convert into desks and couches with hidden storage underneath.  So when I noticed the bus sitting out in front of the bus company down the street and pitched the idea to Alison she was all-in.  We’ve been selling everything that isn’t bolted down for the last few weeks.  If it doesn’t fit in our new lifestyle it has to go.